WI-FI Tags Locator Technology

Ekahau WI-FI Wrist Tag
Ekahau WI-FI Wrist Tag

Got one? WI-FI tags in wristband format is the newest innovation by Ekahau Inc. T301W is a high performance Wi-Fi-based real time location system. It is a small gadget worn on the wrist. This ingenious little wristband is very helpful in locating little children and older people who are confined in hospitals or home care facilities.

T301W is highly useful concerning movement tracking and workflow visibility. The wristband tag monitors the location precisely down to less than a few feet in both confined and open spaces. The gadget is user friendly, environment friendly, and water proof. The wristband is integrated with a highly effective signalling system. It’s equipped with a programmable push button that delivers a predetermined message to the RTLS system.

The product includes a lithium-ion battery which is easily charged using the Ekahau's multi-unit charger. Based on the WI-FI network, T301W send and receive signals, a two-way communication stream that allows the transfer of information in real time.

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