Firefox 3.6 Beta Test Run

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When I read about Firefox 3.6 Beta pre-launch announcement, I immediately downloaded the test version. I'm curious about this new version, and what it has to do with customizing my web browsing experience.

At first, I saw the same web page lay-out, it really looks the same as the current version. But, I got fascinated by the toolbar. You can customize your toolbar by changing how it looks, and adding a persona of your choice will define your personality. A persona is a pre-designed image of various interests, from abstract to sceneries.

Then choose from hundreds of widgets and gadgets to add in your toolbar. Just click on the 'manage your toolbar' button and then a whole lot of new cool stuff will flood your eyes. You can have email alerts every 5 minutes, send live video emails, watch live CNN and ESPN and many more. All in just one click from your toolbar!

I think the whole idea of this version is to give your browser a personality aside from easier, faster and safer browsing. Unwanted ads or pop-ups are managed by simply becoming one of the stuffs you can customize.

Click here to learn more about Firefox 3.6 Beta Test Run..
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