Lala Sings Her Heart Out With Apple iTunes


Who is Lala and why is Apple so crazy about her? She is indeed extremely hot for Apple to set eyes on.

Well, to everyone who doesn't know, Lala is "going to be" the new provider of streaming music to Apple's iTunes. This is good news to the big "A" since, it is going to save them millions of dollars every year.

Lala is an ad-free music service on the web, which stores music collections online and sells streaming songs at a big discount. Integrated in Lala is the technology that can copy users’ iTunes music collections into the cloud servers, so that they can play back the songs on internet-connected devices. Also Lala can play the last few hundred songs from a cache when there’s no internet connection.

The fact that Lala is a provider of low-cost streaming music service, Apple is expected to increase its revenue-per-user, contrary to what happened in 2007, that is according to Steve Jobs, "the average iTunes user had only bought an average of 22 songs". Lala has recently made a deal with Google to play free songs, but Apple is more interested in it's engineers who made their music service a big hit. The deal to purchase Lala is almost done, according to New York Times and All Things Digital.

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