Brain Overloads: A Daily Dose of 34Gb Shortens Attention Span, study says

man getting mentally stressed with information overload
man getting mentally stressed with information overload

The human brain is capable of processing as much as 34 gigabytes of information a day. That's about 100,500 words a day, equivalent to 23 words per second, University of San Diego researchers estimate.

Brains are bombarded with so much information through email, the internet, TV, radios, cell phones and other media forms. According to Edward Hallowell, a New York psychiatrist and author specializing in attention deficit disorder,

"Never before in human history have our brains had to process as much information as they do today. They (people) are so busy processing information from all directions they are losing the tendency to think and to feel."

Studies have found that our daily intake of information is enough to overload a laptop in week! Imagine, how our brain works. Furthermore, neuro-experts believe that this is revolutionizing the way neurons behave causing new nerve cells to be born.

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