Apple versus Creative Labs

Creative Labs Zen Mozaic EZ100
Creative Labs Zen Mozaic EZ100

When it comes to shopping for the gadget labs, two brands easily come to mind: the ever-popular Apple and the cool line of Creative Labs. But which of the two can be deemed as the best gadget labs in the market today?

It really depends on what you are looking for in your gadget. Here is a simple guide to help you out. sleek and stylish, this has actually been its best selling point compared to other gadget in the market today.

While the Apple boast of huge memory capacities, sleek designs, great quality and durability, it still has not been able to meet the other cool functions that most Creative Labs are known for drag and drop saving options are the special add-ons that make Creative Lab definitely stand out.

While Creative Lab has been able to produce a wide variety of cool accessories for its gadget, Apple, as well as other companies have produced an even bigger amount of accessories that are tailor-fit for Apple Gadget.

From ice boxes with speakers to alarm clocks turned speakers, every Apple Gadget fan will be delighted with what's in store nowadays. In fact, Creative Lab has even come out with a new whole line of Creative Lab Gadget speakers.

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