World Map of Social Networks Shows Facebook Dominance


It's almost the end of 2009 and we have yet to see who leads the race track in the most popular, the most effective and the most functional innovations of the year.

In the social networking world, It's Facebook again! After taking its toll in the world wide web since 2004, Facebook has proven to be most prominent social networking site in five years. With over 350 million users worldwide, Facebook continues to rise its fame in the industry.

This is evidenced by an Italian writer, blogger and photographer Vincenzo Cosenza's visual mapping of the social networking sites used worldwide. He gathered his data from the most recent traffic data (December 2009) as measured by Alexa & Google Trends for Websites.

The world map of social networking sites, deliberately identifies the dominance of Facebook anywhere in the globe as compared to other social net sites. It is seconded by Facebook clone, which has blocked Facebook from establishing its name. is the most and perhaps the only popular social net site in Russia.

Other social networking sites that have remained its control over certain countries included Hi5 in Peru, Portugal, Romania, Thailand and Mongolia; QQ is still ahead of everyone else in China, with an expected estimated increase of users to 840 million in 2013.

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Meet Pingo, My New Deskfriend


You would love this new little gadget. I think it's going to be your new desk-bestfriend when you get one of them.

Pingo, is a tiny, cute social-networking robotic penguin. If you can't get off your laptop or PC, you'll probably need one of Pingos. It reads emails, tweets, facebook messages, RSS feeds, headlines, weather and responds to voice commands, so it does interact with you.

Pingo dances and sings too! It will surely make your day brighter before you even step into you computer. Pingo's going to be the hottest and newest gift you can give your geeky friends and loved ones. It was launched three days ago in New York city and you can see and even have more of Pingo at

The device is especially designed to connect facebook users to their accounts via the facebook application application that allows users to give their device its own name, profile, and personality, as well as nurture its moods and manage its daily life. It is like a virtual facebook friend coming to life. You can spoil it with food and vitamins from a Facebook gift page, and lull it to sleep by gently rocking it in their hands. Pingo can follow fingers around a desktop, while sensory devices ensure that it never falls off a desk when moving around on its own.

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Facebook To Change Its Privacy Settings, CEO confirmed


Facebook have been around for more than 5 years making and sharing with friends from all over the world. Yet as the number of uses grew to about 350 million, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg states in his letter (below) that it needs to simplify its network settings in order to better protect users from theft and impose a better and more secure privacy settings.

Here is a quote of Mr. Zuckerberg's open letter regarding the matter:

"Facebook’s current privacy model revolves around “networks” —

"... as Facebook has grown, some of these regional networks now have millions of members and we’ve concluded that this is no longer the best way for you to control your privacy. Almost 50 percent of all Facebook users are members of regional networks, so this is an important issue for us. If we can build a better system, then more than 100 million people will have even more control of their information.

The plan we’ve come up with is to remove regional networks completely and create a simpler model for privacy control where you can set content to be available to only your friends, friends of your friends, or everyone."

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A Digital Radio Has Live Facebook and Twitter Feeds

Pure Sensia Digital Radio
Pure Sensia Digital Radio

Social networking sites have become mobile. It is now very common that you can check your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter messages through cell phones, laptops, palmtops and portable T.V. gadgets. You can even check your emails and surf the web, as long as you have internet connection in those electronic gadgets, you'll never miss any update from your social network communities.

In this article, we introduce another first in the field of digital radio technologies. "PURE, the world’s leading radio maker presents Sensia, the world’s first high resolution DAB digital and internet-connected radio with a unique, large colour touchscreen which delivers a state-of-the-art and intuitive user-interface", London, UK 17th September 2009London, UK 17th September 2009, Press Release.

Envisioned as the "future of radio", Pure Digital Sensia radio integrates social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in its functionality. The radio which also works as a digital photo frame, allows users to access their facebook and twitter accounts via the internet.


Sensia Digital Radio is a revolutionary radio equipped with 5.7” 640 x 480 high resolution colour touchscreen, live stream podcasts, DAB/DAB+* and FM, weather, news, Picasa, Facebook or Twitter; and new broadcast material such as station slideshows via Wi-Fi technology.

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