Hottest Gadgets Exhibit at CES 2010

CES 2010 Gadget Preview Exhibit
CES 2010 Gadget Preview Exhibit

Wow, 2010 is about to usher and new gadgets, 'hot from the grill' are lining in the most awaited CES 2010 exhibit fair in the hope to get the most attention.

These new electronic stuffs promise more innovative, unique and easier applications. These stuffs feature more vivid, clear and more sophisticated look that everybody would not dare miss.

Electronic companies like Nokia, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, LG and other leading manufacturers of useful gadgets are already making press releases, web promotions and other strategic marketing activities to inform the world of their latest innovations for 2010.

Some of the hottest and highly anticipated electronic gadgets listed here were exhibited in CES 2010. Please follow the link to get more information on each item.

1) Camera phones and Smartphones: Nokia 6700, LG BL40 Chocolate, Android MID

2) Tablet PCs and Laptop: Apple iTablet, Microsoft Courier, Samsung OLED

3) Flexible & lightweight gadget: Nokia 888 Communicator, Gelfrog, Vaio Zoom Holographic Concept notebook

4) 3D TVs and Digital TV: Sony Bravia 3DTV, 65-inch Full HD 3D LCDs

5) Servers and Softwares: Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010, Windows 7 Aero

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