Sony Releases New Game Controller PlayStation Move

Sony's New Game Controller - PlayStation Move
Sony's New Game Controller - PlayStation Move

To catch up with the market's leading game console Nintendo Wii, Sony has recently released its own contender PlayStation Move.

Several game consoles were showcased during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Among them, were the latest Nintendo's Wand and Microsoft's Natal game controllers.

After making the announcements, the spectators and press people were given the opportunity to try out PlayStation Move which slightly resembles Nintendo Wii's wand, just a colored ball on top.

PlayStation Move is a magic wand-like game controller that uses motion detection controllers and an eye camera to follow body movements.

At the said Developer's conference, Sony presented more games that the audience will be able to play using the PlayStation Move. The games included Move Party, Little Big Planet, and Sports Champions.

Being an entertainment giant, Sony has about 20 games in development and approximately 40 external partners publishers supporting the new device.

PlayStation Move will be out in the market in autumn and will optimally cost no greater than $100 (£47).

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