Green Technology: Hydrogen-Powered Mobile Phone


Mobile phones are considered now as vital to human life. It's essentially becoming indispensable among other things.

And just recently, a group of French engineers and researchers broke out the news about a new power source for mobile phones they developed that's probably no one has ever heard of.

The device is the hydrogen-powered developed by a semi-conductor technology company in France, ST Microelectronics in collaboration with Bic, makers of pens and razors.

Igor Bimbaud, CEO of ST Microelectronics said that the company started creating the technology in 2005 and it is now ready for release early this year.

The made this hydrogen fuel cell to be used as a backup power source for mobile phones, thus reducing dependence on an electricity supply to charge the phone. This product is designed to be a part of “hybrid” system.

In this hybrid system, cell phone first draws on the conventional battery for its power then it will tap into the fuel cell if needed. Each cartridge of this gadget gives the equivalent of three to five recharges of the traditional battery.

You can charge the phone by yourself, simply by filling the fuel cell with water from the faucet. No other additives needed.

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New XBox 360 Natal will Make Button-Controlled Games Obsolete

  Natal can recognise a movement in just 10 milliseconds (Image: Xbox 360 Natal Team/Microsoft)
Natal can recognise a movement in just 10 milliseconds (Image: Xbox 360 Natal Team/Microsoft)

On the later part of this year, Microsoft will finally launch their most awaited XBox 360 add-on which will make button-studded games controllers obsolete.

XBox 360 was developed by Microsoft in 2005 as a direct counterpart to Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. When it was first officially released it was immediately sold out and as of January 2010, there are over 39 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide.

Following this huge success, Microsoft has announced at the CES Gadget Preview 2010, the launch of XBox 360 add-on, called Natal.

Natal, named after the city in northern Brazil, lets players control a game using only their own body movements and voice. Natal takes advantage of an infrared light directly illuminating the players body, a monochrome video camera records the amount of that light they reflect, using the brightness of the signal to measure their distance from the device and capture their movements in 3D.

Without much improvement to the hardware and despite the need of massive processing power to capture movements and voice data, Natal will allow XBox 360 players to optimally enjoy the game with their body movements and voice as controllers, making the classic button controllers obsolete.

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HP TouchSmart Convertible Tablet, A Sleek Chic

The HP TouchSmart tm2 Convertible Tablet swivels and spruces
The HP TouchSmart tm2 Convertible Tablet swivels and spruces

Great and wonderful gadgets await us this year. Following the CES 2010 Gadget Preview, HP is launching its latest version of a compact convertible tablet PC, the HP TouchSmart tm2.

See link for photos

From what have been reported earlier in Engadget, the HP TouchSmart tm2 convertible tablet is a 12.1-inch laptop which is driven by new Intel Core 2 Duo processor and ATI Mobility Radeon graphics. It has 9 hours of battery life off its standard 6-cell. Most importantly, the capacitive multi-touch screen is finger and pen friendly.

The physical and internal designs are pretty much impressive. It's aluminum case gives the laptop the firm and professional look. It also looks thinner and lighter than its peers.

The most impressive about the HP TouchSmart tm2 is its convertibility feature. You can use it as a typical looking laptop or when you are inside a moving vehicle like your car or a bus, HP TouchSmart tm2 can be converted into a sleek tablet PC, presenting a full-color touch screen interface. Simply turn its monitor up, then close it over the body, overlaying the keyboard.

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Hottest Gadgets Exhibit at CES 2010

CES 2010 Gadget Preview Exhibit
CES 2010 Gadget Preview Exhibit

Wow, 2010 is about to usher and new gadgets, 'hot from the grill' are lining in the most awaited CES 2010 exhibit fair in the hope to get the most attention.

These new electronic stuffs promise more innovative, unique and easier applications. These stuffs feature more vivid, clear and more sophisticated look that everybody would not dare miss.

Electronic companies like Nokia, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, LG and other leading manufacturers of useful gadgets are already making press releases, web promotions and other strategic marketing activities to inform the world of their latest innovations for 2010.

Some of the hottest and highly anticipated electronic gadgets listed here were exhibited in CES 2010. Please follow the link to get more information on each item.

1) Camera phones and Smartphones: Nokia 6700, LG BL40 Chocolate, Android MID

2) Tablet PCs and Laptop: Apple iTablet, Microsoft Courier, Samsung OLED

3) Flexible & lightweight gadget: Nokia 888 Communicator, Gelfrog, Vaio Zoom Holographic Concept notebook

4) 3D TVs and Digital TV: Sony Bravia 3DTV, 65-inch Full HD 3D LCDs

5) Servers and Softwares: Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010, Windows 7 Aero

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Meet Pingo, My New Deskfriend


You would love this new little gadget. I think it's going to be your new desk-bestfriend when you get one of them.

Pingo, is a tiny, cute social-networking robotic penguin. If you can't get off your laptop or PC, you'll probably need one of Pingos. It reads emails, tweets, facebook messages, RSS feeds, headlines, weather and responds to voice commands, so it does interact with you.

Pingo dances and sings too! It will surely make your day brighter before you even step into you computer. Pingo's going to be the hottest and newest gift you can give your geeky friends and loved ones. It was launched three days ago in New York city and you can see and even have more of Pingo at

The device is especially designed to connect facebook users to their accounts via the facebook application application that allows users to give their device its own name, profile, and personality, as well as nurture its moods and manage its daily life. It is like a virtual facebook friend coming to life. You can spoil it with food and vitamins from a Facebook gift page, and lull it to sleep by gently rocking it in their hands. Pingo can follow fingers around a desktop, while sensory devices ensure that it never falls off a desk when moving around on its own.

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