Lenovo LePhone-The Promising Best Handset


Popular electronics company Lenovo announced, the Lenovo LePhone. A mobile phone initially intended to meet the needs of the fast growing Chinese market.

It is definitely attractive, with its 800 x 400 pixel resolution and its customized, Linux-based operating system, that it is currently the best handset in its category. The Lenovo LePhone is set to go head to head with iPhone. When it comes to the features, it has rear and front cameras, a removable battery and a 3.5 mm head phone jack located at the bottom of the handset.

Lenovo LePhone comes with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. It has a surprisingly huge AMOLED touch screen display that measures 3.7 inches and has WVGA resolution. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and has inherent support for WCDMA or Wideband Code Division Multiple Access 3G.

As you can see on the image above, the Snap-on accessory QWERTY keyboard has a centrally-positioned D-pad. There is a proprietary 9 pin socket for peripherals and for charging as well. The stacked buttons on the touch screen are very user friendly. At the bottom of the touch screen display is another touch panel instead of the usual physical controls.

Try the new lephone from lenovo for you to experience to power of this latest handset!

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Green Technology: Hydrogen-Powered Mobile Phone


Mobile phones are considered now as vital to human life. It's essentially becoming indispensable among other things.

And just recently, a group of French engineers and researchers broke out the news about a new power source for mobile phones they developed that's probably no one has ever heard of.

The device is the hydrogen-powered developed by a semi-conductor technology company in France, ST Microelectronics in collaboration with Bic, makers of pens and razors.

Igor Bimbaud, CEO of ST Microelectronics said that the company started creating the technology in 2005 and it is now ready for release early this year.

The made this hydrogen fuel cell to be used as a backup power source for mobile phones, thus reducing dependence on an electricity supply to charge the phone. This product is designed to be a part of “hybrid” system.

In this hybrid system, cell phone first draws on the conventional battery for its power then it will tap into the fuel cell if needed. Each cartridge of this gadget gives the equivalent of three to five recharges of the traditional battery.

You can charge the phone by yourself, simply by filling the fuel cell with water from the faucet. No other additives needed.

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Solar Powered Tent is Labeled “Tent of the Future”

the "tent of the future"
the "tent of the future"

This is definitely the coolest thing that ever happened to camping! Getting the best of both worlds, a solar powered tent and the adventure of nature camping, will leave you nothing but pure pleasure. Innovative and functional, are the two best words to describe this latest technology.

Camping will never be the same again with Orange Solar Powered Tent. This tent is co-designed by an American company named Kaleidoscope. The self-charging tent is equipped with a foldable solar panel made of photovoltaic fabric to receive the maximum amount of energy directly from the sun.

It uses the "glo-location" technology that helps campers find their way back to the tent. The technology enables the tent to glow when prompted by an sms alert sent via the camper's mobile phone.

The tent is also installed with a WIFI on a colorful touchscreen display. Gadgets and electronic stuff can be used anytime inside this tent. Laptops, mobile phones, T.V., microwave, fridge and heaters, name it, you'll be able to bring it. But be sure to have a room for yourself. Bringing all these stuff may blur your idea of "nature camping".

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