Next Generation SD Card: Panasonic 64GB and 48GB SDXC Memory Cards

Setting a new world record in SD memory cards
Setting a new world record in SD memory cards

SDXC is the next generation SD memory card that offers up to 2TB of capacity. Panasonic’s largest-sized GOLD new Class 10 SDXC cards offer maximum data transfer speed of up to 22MB/s.

Panasonic has jumped over their competitions by introducing a new SDXC memory cards with capacity of 48GB and 64GB. A slim slot of memory card can contain 64GB, I guess further in the future, SDXC memory will surpass SSD size to offer higher read/write speeds, larger capacities and be less prone to failure than the Secure Digital Cards.

It has an operating temperature range from 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F). Panasonic said it will be released in February 2010. The two models 64GB (RP-SDW64GE1K) and 48GB (RP-SDW48GE1K) SDXC memory cards. The largest GOLD cards with Class 10 speed specification.

So if you are thinking of buying a largest-sized memory card for yourself. Buy Panasonic 64 GB and 48 GB -memory cards this is the World’s fastest record so far and we will be able to get this world’s fastest SDXC card in the next spring 2010.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Free Beta Tests


Microsoft has announced its free beta test runs today for its latest version, MS Office 2010 also known as Office 14 and is now available for download.

MS Office 2010 is equipped with enhanced features in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. These programs are no longer your ordinary office buddies, but they have transformed to become very powerful tools in web browsing, in that while browsing, you can edit your files without having to open MS Office itself.

Your Windows Live account will no longer be the same. SkyDrive is MS Office 2010's, virtual hard drive, where you can upload files of up to 25 GB in you windows live account. You can save your files here and access them from any computer.

Powerpoint has never been so powerful, as MS Office 2010's version. It works like web page where you can embed video and audio files directly from the site source to the powerpoint layout page. PowerPoint 2010 can convert your presentation into a video file that you may upload on to YouTube or distribute on a portable media player like the iPod. You can even edit videos here before you broadcast live presentations to the web.

Other features include a built-in PDF writer, a screen-shot button, easy access print features and a new and better MS Outlook.

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Download Microsoft 2010 (v. 14.0.4536.1000) here.


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