T3Desk Brings You Into a 3D Experience at your Desktop

T3Desk lets you manage and view all your desktop windows in 3D
T3Desk lets you manage and view all your desktop windows in 3D

T3Desk is a free and exclusive Windows desktop management feature. It lets you arrange all your opened windows for any applications, in a three-dimensional manner. Try it, and T3desk will bring you into a whole new Windows experience.

T3Desk takes advantage of a windows application called Aero. Although T3Desk can work on all Windows operating systems, it works best with Vista and the later OS versions where Aero is an integrated application.

You can manage T3Desk in several ways including how the windows are angled, animated, their level of transparency, the apparent distance from the viewer, and how they transition from the virtual desktop back into use.

Using keyboard shortcuts to maximize and minimize windows, T3Desk lets you arrange all your opened windows arbitrarily. You can drag and drop an application anywhere in the window, however you want it. The view will be like inside a three-dimensional room, giving you an "inside" feel.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Free Beta Tests


Microsoft has announced its free beta test runs today for its latest version, MS Office 2010 also known as Office 14 and is now available for download.

MS Office 2010 is equipped with enhanced features in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. These programs are no longer your ordinary office buddies, but they have transformed to become very powerful tools in web browsing, in that while browsing, you can edit your files without having to open MS Office itself.

Your Windows Live account will no longer be the same. SkyDrive is MS Office 2010's, virtual hard drive, where you can upload files of up to 25 GB in you windows live account. You can save your files here and access them from any computer.

Powerpoint has never been so powerful, as MS Office 2010's version. It works like web page where you can embed video and audio files directly from the site source to the powerpoint layout page. PowerPoint 2010 can convert your presentation into a video file that you may upload on to YouTube or distribute on a portable media player like the iPod. You can even edit videos here before you broadcast live presentations to the web.

Other features include a built-in PDF writer, a screen-shot button, easy access print features and a new and better MS Outlook.

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Download Microsoft 2010 (v. 14.0.4536.1000) here.


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Firefox 3.6 Beta Test Run

Firefox logo
Firefox logo

When I read about Firefox 3.6 Beta pre-launch announcement, I immediately downloaded the test version. I'm curious about this new version, and what it has to do with customizing my web browsing experience.

At first, I saw the same web page lay-out, it really looks the same as the current version. But, I got fascinated by the toolbar. You can customize your toolbar by changing how it looks, and adding a persona of your choice will define your personality. A persona is a pre-designed image of various interests, from abstract to sceneries.

Then choose from hundreds of widgets and gadgets to add in your toolbar. Just click on the 'manage your toolbar' button and then a whole lot of new cool stuff will flood your eyes. You can have email alerts every 5 minutes, send live video emails, watch live CNN and ESPN and many more. All in just one click from your toolbar!

I think the whole idea of this version is to give your browser a personality aside from easier, faster and safer browsing. Unwanted ads or pop-ups are managed by simply becoming one of the stuffs you can customize.

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Fedora 12 Release Notes


If Microsoft has announced the pre-development stage of Windows 8, Red Hat is ready to release its latest Linux OS. It is the latest and free open-source Linux operating system created solely by Red Hat through the Fedora Project Community. There are many wonderful features for this free software to use. These are the major changes contained in the Fedora 12 Release:

*Improved WebCam support

*Better Video Codec

*Audio Improvements

*Better Power Management

The basic features added to Fedora 12 are the following:

*Automatic bug reporting tool

*Bluetooth on demand

*Various virtualization enhancements

*Still more security improvements

Fedora 12 supports various types of platform. It has the minimum CPU requirement of PowerPC G3 / POWER3 for PPC Architectures. Fedora 12 requires an Intel Pentium or better processor, and is optimized for Pentium 4 and later processors. It includes a rich set of development tools including all popluar programming languages, the best and latest IDEs, and an extensive set of libraries for emacs, mercurial and php.

So, If you are up to the newest and a powerful software, get Fedora 12, get it here.

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