Portaro SD-P12DT: New Generation Portable DVD Player

Toshiba's latest portable DVD Player dubbed as Portaro SD-P12DT
Toshiba's latest portable DVD Player dubbed as Portaro SD-P12DT

The Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT portable DVD player is weigh in 2.8kg only, which is about the same weight of a business laptop and it measure at 342 x 73 x 326 mm, and has introduced the latest portable DVD Player of 2010.

Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT has provided a built-in stand at the rear side. P12DT has been equipped with a nice little 12-inch LED backlight screen what could support up to 1366 x 768 pixels resolution that has become the new standard. has provided a built-in stand at the rear side, so you can easily rest it up above your desk.

When you look at the right side, you will found one slot loading disc drive, one SD slot and button for ejecting disc. Inside the Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT portable DVD player, ther is a built-in digital tuner and internal lithium battery that provide about 4 hours of operation time.

From the frontal view, you will see a range of playback buttons. Including navigation buttons to navigate through the built-in menu. Enough for watching though 1-2 movies.Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT Portable DVD player will be available starting this 1st Feb 2010.

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CES: Real Transformers USB Memory Sticks


The latest Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas was flooded with several different kinds of electronic innovations that may or may not not be essential to human living.

However, manufacturers keep on finding ways to best market their products and of the best efforts, on the part of the developers would be to create eye-catching, transforming USB robots or rather memory sticks (whatsoever).

These transformers are Official Transformers-brand USB memory sticks and mice, made exclusively by Toshiba.

When you look at them, they're like the kind of toys that little kids would like to play on and simply throw away anywhere. Well, not quite for these ones, because you have to keep them away from your curious children.

Transformers USB Memory Sticks are especially designed to complement the latest and future computer and laptop models of Toshiba. We just hope that even if they transform, they can still process their memory.

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