Solar Powered Tent is Labeled “Tent of the Future”

the "tent of the future"
the "tent of the future"

This is definitely the coolest thing that ever happened to camping! Getting the best of both worlds, a solar powered tent and the adventure of nature camping, will leave you nothing but pure pleasure. Innovative and functional, are the two best words to describe this latest technology.

Camping will never be the same again with Orange Solar Powered Tent. This tent is co-designed by an American company named Kaleidoscope. The self-charging tent is equipped with a foldable solar panel made of photovoltaic fabric to receive the maximum amount of energy directly from the sun.

It uses the "glo-location" technology that helps campers find their way back to the tent. The technology enables the tent to glow when prompted by an sms alert sent via the camper's mobile phone.

The tent is also installed with a WIFI on a colorful touchscreen display. Gadgets and electronic stuff can be used anytime inside this tent. Laptops, mobile phones, T.V., microwave, fridge and heaters, name it, you'll be able to bring it. But be sure to have a room for yourself. Bringing all these stuff may blur your idea of "nature camping".

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