Fedora 12 Release Notes


If Microsoft has announced the pre-development stage of Windows 8, Red Hat is ready to release its latest Linux OS. It is the latest and free open-source Linux operating system created solely by Red Hat through the Fedora Project Community. There are many wonderful features for this free software to use. These are the major changes contained in the Fedora 12 Release:

*Improved WebCam support

*Better Video Codec

*Audio Improvements

*Better Power Management

The basic features added to Fedora 12 are the following:

*Automatic bug reporting tool

*Bluetooth on demand

*Various virtualization enhancements

*Still more security improvements

Fedora 12 supports various types of platform. It has the minimum CPU requirement of PowerPC G3 / POWER3 for PPC Architectures. Fedora 12 requires an Intel Pentium or better processor, and is optimized for Pentium 4 and later processors. It includes a rich set of development tools including all popluar programming languages, the best and latest IDEs, and an extensive set of libraries for emacs, mercurial and php.

So, If you are up to the newest and a powerful software, get Fedora 12, get it here.

Click here to read complete details of the fedora project.


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